What the flight is remote work?

The interactive web-documentary
on digital nomads
and the remote work way of life.

A gallery of portraits totalling more than 40 interviews in 3 continents so far ;
with remote workers, experts, coworking space owners, freelancers, retreat organizers, business managenent teachers,
psychologists, sociologists,

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Discover the world

Workingontheglobe.com takes you across 6 continents. What a better way to discover the world than to actually live and work in multiple locations?

Gain insights from digital nomads and experts

From more than 40 interviews, workingontheglobe.com presents a thorough portrait of digital nomadism in today’s world.

Go nomad, go remote

Whether you want to hit the road, convince your boss, or understand more remote work, workingontheglobe.com will provide this.

More than 40 Interviews

Digital nomads,
coworking space owners,
experts, coaches,
retreat organizers

In countries like

Indonesia (Bali), Malaysia,
Portugal, Poland,
with more to come

Here are few excerpts from the portraits workingontheglobe.com offers you :

If you’re going to go make the jump, do it with purpose. That purpose could be finding purpose, right, but define the goal that you’re after and use that as your grounding point.

Because when location disappears, that grounding is going to be key to make sure that you’re on track.

Brad Bramazov, 21, USA, Colorado
@ HUBUD, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

I guess for the remote working lifestyle, do a lot, lot of researches. Even the tiny things and the behind the scene things that you don’t think about in this romantic lifestyle have to be taken care of.

Brett Randell, 28, Colorado, USA
@ SUNDESK, Taghazout, Morocco

Each space offers different amounts of events and opportunities to learn.[…]

I think that events are a wonderful opportunity for people to learn one or two things.

But the events really help bring people together, and start conversations about ideas that happen after the event.

David Abraham, New York NY
CEO of OUTPOST coworking space
Ubud, Bali Indonesia

When you’ll come here, you’ll be so supported by the people around you – the members – that it enables you to dare to become who you really meant to be and to become a better version of yourself.

Grace, Colombia/UK
@ HUBUD, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

A positive aspect is for sure that I can have my clients still in Austria, Germany or Portugal but I can work independently from any location.

So I can work and live close to the beach. I can surf before coming to Cowork Cascais, I can surf in the lunch break. I get to know a lot of very nice new people. Life is just far more relaxed here than sitting in an office in Vienna.

Julia, Austria
@ COWORK CASCAIS, Cascais, Portugal

Once you take that leap, you’ve got to be aware that there’s going to be a lot of attractions; a lot of things that might distract you.

Balancing your time is going to be very important. Knowing to say “no” to this trip or no to this hike because you have a meeting or work to do, that’s very important.

Derar and Michele – The Remote Experience, US/Jordan
@ DOJO Coworking Space, Canggu, Bali Indonesia

Together, let’s make working on the globe the largest gallery of portraits of digital nomads, and one of a kind of web-documentary on remote work.


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